I Used to be Me

As my Dad's health began to dramatically decline, this fiercely independent, self-made man struggled to recognize what had become of him, uttering, under his breath, "I used to be Me." In another rare moment of reflection, this one not so subtle, he bellowed out "What the hell is so Golden about the Golden Years"?!?!; more of a statement than a question. Before having the opportunity to conjure up a response, he quickly followed his question with a quote he attributed to Oscar Mayer, noted purveyor of bologna and wieners, though I suspect it was really Oscar Wilde, who long ago ruminated that "Youth was wasted on the Young."

Over the eight year period during which my folks' health declined, I led the Care Team that managed all aspects of their personal, medical and financial lives. In doing so, I experienced first-hand the challenges associated with aging, and the need for family to play a prominent role in advocating on their behalf.

I have committed my "second career" to working closely with seniors and their baby boomer children in offering a customized suite of services designed to Optimize the Quality, Safety and Dignity of the Aging Experience.


The Meltzer Advantage

  • Certified Senior Advisor, skilled in understanding and offering solutions to the health, social, financial and legal challenges facing seniors, in collaboration with a carefully selected network of experienced professionals.
  • Real, practical hands-on experience providing compassionate care for his own Mother and Father during their years of declining health through each of their passings. Intimately familiar with the heartache, stress and hard work associated with the caring for aging parents.
  • Educating seniors and their families what they should, but often do not know; the right questions to ask; how and where to find the answers in becoming "senior-literate"; customizing flexible and cost-effective plans to meet their needs and lifestyle.
  • Dedicated to Optimizing the Quality, Safety and Dignity of the Aging Experience for seniors and their children, with the primary goal of allowing seniors to remain in their homes for as long as possible.
  • 30 years of corporate experience in successfully navigating unwieldy bureaucracies and working effectively across a wide spectrum of people and styles in solving challenging and often complex problems.
  • Five years of volunteer work at a local hospital Emergency Room, meeting hundreds of seniors facing the challenges of aging, often living alone, without the benefit of family being able to or willing to offer ongoing support.

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