Michael was instrumental in helping me find a trustworthy and compassionate Care Giver to support the needs of my elderly parents, allowing them to continue living comfortably in their home of 38 years.

He also explained to me the importance of having an Information For Life Kit, working with me to complete it, enabling me to document all of my most valuable personal and financial information in a safe and secure manner

- Pat; Torrance, CA

Deciding to introduce Hospice care for my mother was a very difficult and emotional decision. Michael provided important feedback, direction and ongoing support, including traveling across the country to visit my mom on many occasions.

- Debi; Cincinnati, OH

Supporting my Mom from over 1,100 miles away has been quite challenging. Michael's expertise in providing feedback and direction across the wide range of medical, financial and social issues associated with aging has provided me with the tools necessary to ensure my Mom is able continue to live independently, and for me to have greater peace of mind

- Christine; Detroit, Michigan

Michael's assistance in finding a loving and very capable Care Giver was a lifesaver, providing daily support for my husband during a period of declining health and affording me much needed respite time. He also worked, side by side with me so I could better understand issues relating to doctor/hospital care, prescription medications and insurance benefits

- Kathy; San Pedro, CA

Michael's support in securing a dedicated Care Giver for my wife, and his continued support of our needs relating to medical insurance, financial issues and nursing home care offered great comfort during a very challenging time

- Jack; San Pedro, CA

Living with MS is full of challenges. Michael's thoughtful assistance in educating and helping me to navigate the complex issues surrounding Medicare, financial planning and doctor-patient relationships has been extremely valuable

- Nancy; Raleigh-Durham, NC