Michael R. Meltzer, CSA

I learned a lot while caring for my aging parents. What worked for my Dad, a fiercely independent, self-made man who immigrated to America at the age of six, would not work for my Mom, a soft-spoken, deeply loyal and compassionate woman whose life revolved around nurturing her family.

After a successful 30 year career in corporate America as a senior sales, marketing and business development executive, I have dedicated my "second career" to working closely with seniors and their baby boomer children, offering a suite of personal services designed to Optimize the Quality, Dignity and Safety of the Aging Experience.

Peace of Mind for All

I quickly learned there is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all solution to helping aging parents. There are, however, customized, compassionate programs that allow seniors to remain in their homes as long as possible (Aging in Place), with the independence and dignity they so value, while at the same time providing their grown-up children, often living many miles away, the confidence and peace of mind they seek, while continuing to work and raise their own families.

As my parents' health began to decline, I shuttled between Los Angeles and Miami, often several times each month for eight years, becoming the putative COO of "Mom and Dad, Inc.", helping to manage all elements of their personal, medical and financial lives. My corporate experience in successfully navigating unwieldy bureaucracies and working effectively with a wide variety of people, many of whom had distinctively differing styles, played a significant role in helping me develop innovative solutions and overcome challenging problems in my quest to provide the best care and highest quality of life for my folks.

It was during this period that I experienced, first-hand the challenges associated with aging and the urgent need for family to advocate on their behalf.

After earning my National Senior Advisor Certification, I turned my attention to developing a suite of customized services addressing the most pressing needs of seniors. Recognizing that most seniors and their baby boomer children do not have the time, inclination or skill set to tackle the myriad of challenges associated with aging, I crafted a "One-Stop Shopping" solution designed to educate seniors and their children, working closely with them to navigate the complex issues and mitigate the fear often associated with aging, hoping to put a little more "Gold" back into the Golden Years.